Hafa Adai Todus,

Welcome to the Chamorro Golf Club Northern California! 

My name is Jerry G. Guevara and I am the newly elected President of the Chamorro Golf Club Northern California, 2018.  I begin my journey here at a time of great things. Historically, CGCNC is the first organized Chamorro golf club as well as the founders of the Hafa Adai Golf Classic.  While speaking of these events, we must bring to the forefront our founding father, Segundo “Sy” Umpingco. We are because of Sy! May he rest in peace.  I intend to continue the message and welfare of our club into the future with his foundation as my stronghold in moving forward.  In 2017, we successfully held the 26th Hafa Adai Golf Classic at the Blackhorse/Bayonet Golf Club in Seaside, Ca.  It, indeed, was a great experience to have in moving forward. Our CGCNC team did a fabulous job and knocked it out the park. Lastly, 2017 CGCNC membership has risen this year and we just had our end of year tournament to celebrate a great year of golf. 

On to 2018!

I am an advocate of technology and intend to utilize its global impact to help our club be the best we can be.  We encourage our members to invite as guests or apply to become members of our club.   Please see our membership section for details on how to join.  We also are on Facebook, search Chamorro Golf Club Northern California for up to date information on golf events. 

I stand with our tournament director, Joseph Sasamoto, that we love golf and we are here to provide the best possible experience for our members!  Chamorro life and golf!  What a great combination to experience playing golf through our Chamorro culture!!!   

“Mai'la ya hun hugando~”

Jerry G. Guevara

President, Chamorro Golf Club of Northern CA